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Dining out

We offer sushi and a number of hot dishes with Japanese and Korean specialization, welcome!
+46 0911-53 53 51
Restaurant Mr Wok, Mr Wok
The idea of a dish on Mr.Wok is to focus on the harmony of flavor, texture, colour and smell to balance each other through the chinese principial which foundation is "fann" and "tsái" Rice and noodles belong to the group fann, and vegetables, meat, bird- and fish dishes belongs to tsái.  O ...
Logotype, Råvara
Sushi restaurant at Back city. Order your sushi via our app Råvara and pick it up in our drive thru or visit our restaurant and order your sushi with us. Welcome!
+46 0911 88 10 88 *
Sushi & Te
Experienced sushi eaters usually have that sucking feeling that can only be stopped with the taste of raw fish, combined with the tangy sushi rice and the salty soy sauce. Welcome to the Sushi restaurant in Piteå.
+46 076 837 87 44 *

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