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  • Kochen über offenem Feuer
    Kochen über offenem Feuer  Foto: Ulf Gustavsson
  • Tools in the kitchen
    Tools in the kitchen  Foto: Restaurang Tage
  • Meat
    Meat  Foto: Restaurang Tage
  • Feuer
    Feuer  Foto: Ulf Gustafsson


Es gibt viel zu essen in Piteå - mit Geschmack aus dem schwedischen Lappland

A modern restaurant and bar located in an historic building in the center of Piteå. The menu changes every now and then and offers both meat with the classical accompaniments and a journey through the local kitchen divided into many courses. A really good drink to the meal makes it all complete. ...
+46 0911 104 44 *
Sofia Hortlund
Welcome to Fiore Mangia e Vino the Italian restaurant at Piteå Stadshotell. Among lit candles and turn of the century charm you can enjoy an Italian classic such as carbonara together with a good drink or a glass of wine. In the restaurant there is room for a date night, the big family dinner o ...
+46 0911 23 40 00 *
Maria Fäldt
Piteå potato dumplings, pitepalt 4 servings. 12 raw potatoes, grated. 700-800g flour. 300 g lightly salted belly pork. 1 tblsp salt per litre water. Dice the pork. Fill a large saucepan with water, add salt and bring to the boil while you make the dough ready. Peel and grate the potatoes and d ...
+46 0911 933 90 *
Kust Hotell
Toast your friends amidst the view from the highest sky bar on the coast of Norrland. Delight in the gourmet creations and local ingredients at Restaurang TAGE enjoy with us in an international atmosphere, right in the heart of Piteå. Restaurant Tage in Piteå is the result of long experience, a ...
The Bishops Arms
Welcome to The Bishops Arms in Piteå. The inspiration for the concept has been taken from the English countryside, combining food, drink and accommodation in a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Welcome!
+46 0911 25 72 50 *

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