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Flugzeuge in der Luft
Flugzeuge in der Luft  Foto: Piteå Tourist center


Verkehrsmittel wie Züge, Taxis und Busse werden Sie zu Piteå und Schwedisch Lappland zu nehmen.

Listen to the sound of ice blocks being crushed against the hull of the boat. Go for a walk on the frozen sea and enjoy a hot drink on the ice. Challenge the laws of nature in safe and comfortable conditions on the ice-classified vessel Arctic Explorer. This icebreaker offers pre booked tours, ...
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Arvidsjaur Airport is 11km away from Arvidsjaur city center about 10 minutes by car. Arvidsjaur Airport was established in 1990. The main task of the airport is to conduct regular air services to and from Stockholm. The airport is an important link for aviation communications in Norrbotten inland.
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Piteå kommun
The cityline is a free of charge busroute that covers most of the center- and the nearest residential areas in Piteå.  Bus stops is accessibility adapted. The buses are equipped with low entrance ramp, alcohol interlocks and safety belts. The line is active on monday-friday between 09:00-14:00 ...
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Hertz rental in Piteå at Bilkompaniet or at the office at Luleå Airport. Read more at the webpage.
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Our business concept is to provide air services and package tours which are as cost effective as possible, meet the customers' needs, and ensure maximum safety. The company carries out Commercial Air Transport  CAT using helicopters and seaplanes in accordance with JAR-OPS 1-3 and EU-OPS 1, as well ...
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Länstrafiken Norrbotten
Länstrafiken i Norrbotten AB is responsible for all public transportation by bus in Norrbotten County. How to travel by bus in northern Sweden is available via the travel planner or by phone.
+46 077 110 01 10 *
Luleå airport is situated 50 km north of Piteå and only 50 minutes by car. The best way to travel between Piteå and Luleå Airport is by taxi. You can also take the bus between Piteå and Luleå, as well as from Luleå city to Luleå Airport.   
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This is the buscompany with many years of experience. This small familyowned company has taken travellers around by bus for over 40 years. You can feel safe with us in nice buses of different sizes and with great service!
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Bo Häggkvist
Pitea airport is located 15 km northwest of Pitea. Piteå flying club operate here and also the helicopter company Kallaxflyg. Contact to the airport is by airport manager Roger Pettersson.
Piteå kommun
Piteå stadsbuss is the local city buss, the buses are environmental friendly, quiet and driven by electricity. All the bus lines passes through the town center at Knuten on Sundsgatan. Buy tickets through the mobileapps, the website, at Bussgods (the bus station) or on the bus.  You can buy one ...
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Please contact one of our travelagencys or contact SJ for more information. Tha trainstation is located in Älvsbyn approx 50 km från Piteå or Luleå also 50 km north of Piteå.
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This airport is located around 80 km south of Piteå, an alternative to Luleå airport when you travel to and from Piteå.
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At Pite Taxi the operators answer the phone 24 hours a day - at your service! You can make your reservation at your travelagency, by our online booking or simply by giving us a call. Welcome!
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